It ebbs and flows I feel nothing I feel everything . It’s all my fault I did something wrong I didn’t do anything It wasn’t about me . I can’t say a word I want to scream it all out I keep writing drafts They can’t go anywhere . I’m stuck where two circles collide … Continue reading process


turn it down

Like the storms that roll through the southeast, sometimes I get a cloud of thoughts that just won't seem to go away. You hope they'll pass by quick, but sometimes they'll linger. Trying to figure out how to remain in the clear is another thing entirely. One thing that doesn't work for me is frustratingly … Continue reading turn it down

switch it up

A couple nights ago I was having some real nasty, dark thoughts and I just needed to refresh somehow and home decor is one of my facets that really helps me out of that trench. I love it, I’m inspired by it, I strongly believe that what’s in your environment is what’s basically in your head. … Continue reading switch it up