secrets – a foreword

Time for another series.

With this one, I want to be clear that these are actual secrets. They’re things from my childhood that I witnessed that I never told anyone about. Not my dad, not my therapist, no one. If I had told them about it, it was years and years later when nothing could come out of it.

I was extremely protective of my mother and knew if I told anyone these things, they’d take me away from her. I was terrified of that. I thought it was the right thing to do. If I had spoken up sooner, maybe I would’ve been able to save myself from the things that pop into my mind now before I go to sleep (that’s mostly because I’ve been releasing things that used to keep me from falling asleep – look up my things that broke me series), but at the same time, I wouldn’t have known I was saving myself from anything at all and instead I would’ve most likely been resentful that I was taken away from my mother.

If I’d spoken up sooner, who knows who I would be. I seriously doubt I’d be the strong person I became through those experiences. I try not to wonder about those things. The point is, these experiences shaped a lot of my life and the decisions I made.

Releasing them now is a way for me to get them out of my mind. Maybe some people will read them and not feel so alone since they’ve witnessed similar things. Maybe my friends or family will understand me a little better. It’s all things I have trouble speaking about and there’s never really a good time to talk about them anyway, but at least now I’ll be able to point them in the right direction.

Here we go!


6 thoughts on “secrets – a foreword

  1. Puzzles of the Soul says:

    Difficult to do we are brought up to respect our parents no matter what. Hard to speak out as we are conditioned not to, after all it is your mother what people would say to me. Does not make it right! Look forward to reading your next post.

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