the thing is…

The thing is, I tried to end it. I tried to end it TWICE just two weeks prior to you ending it, but you wouldn’t let me. You. wouldn’t. let. me. When you do something like that, not wanting them to end it, it gives a person hope. It makes them think that you’re not willing to let go and want to figure things out (which is also what you said, so that just confirms it).

The thing is, you decided to do it at the wrong time. For weeks, I was excited to go to that event and you decide, halfway through, that then’s the time to end things. You waited just long enough to see your friends. You knew a bunch of my friends were there and they were going on next. You didn’t think it would ruin my night?

The thing is, I felt so stupid letting you come with me. I felt so stupid being hurt and upset in front of my friends. Now, yes, it was good to at least be surrounded by friends, but if you really knew me (which clearly, you don’t), you would know that I don’t cry in public or around friends. I am seen as strong and that’s just the way I like it. Fuck you for making me feel less than and making me feel humiliated.

The thing is, that’s done. I let it go and this is my final step of that process. I wish you the best and never to see you again. Figure your shit out.


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