Hello everyone.

I apologize for going away, but I really needed time to myself. I’ve been going through a lot the last few months, mostly depression, and it’s been difficult to find motivation. When it came to writing here, all my thoughts were depressed and I didn’t want the path of my blog to steer towards only depressed posts.

Now, I’m in a transition where I don’t want to dwell on the past, but I also want to release some of the painful things that have happened in my life. Maybe that’ll help as a sort of cleanse. I’ll release them here in writing and maybe others with similar experiences will see they’re not alone and that one day, they can move on from them, as well.

Thank you for sticking with me!


12 thoughts on “hi!-atus

  1. jamesrhilton says:

    Hi Alexandra! I am a fairly new subscriber, but I appreciate your sharing the need to step back and take care of your self. All the best as you plot the journey ahead. Looking forward to your writing, when it’s the right time for you. Best!

  2. Looking for the Light says:

    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better enough to take another step. I understand the depression. I have Bipolar and have had my own hard times lately. Do what you need to do and be sure to take of yourself. Sit next to the salt lamps and meditate. You’ve been up and down so you have the past tools you used. I’m emailing you as well.
    Welcome back. Could reblog the post so your folders will know how you are doing?

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