“mercury is in retrograde”

Every time I look up, it seems like Mercury is in retrograde. I only listened to the noise about it years ago and the rest I dismissed. It seemed like it was just an excessive excuse. This week, however, it’s turning my head a little.

One thing after another keeps getting hurled down at me, blocking my pathway. I can’t move! I am trying so hard and I’ve got all the motivation to start this month off on the right foot and yet, I’m stuck. I can’t do anything about it. I just have to wait and be patient.

Well, I’m bored. I am going out of my mind, it feels. I am trying to hold onto this motivation and keep it rolling, but there’s only so much I can do when I keep reaching a metaphorically locked door. I feel a bit stir crazy and yet, my stubbornness is really showing it’s colors. I am almost in denial of what’s going on.

Perhaps, I need this time to slow down? I don’t want this time to slow down- I’ve already given myself a couple days to recuperate from my last week of hell. I have gotten back into my normal morning schedule, I suppose that’s a plus, but my evening schedule is where all the roadblocks are. I just want to get back into a rhythm and keep it going. I know I can do it, but I keep getting blocked. This week will pass and everything will be a distant memory in time, but it’s definitely frustrating being in the thick of it all.

I can’t wait for this to pass. I can’t wait to get back into my routine. In the meantime, I suppose I will curse Mercury being in retrograde because, honestly, there’s no other sound reason as to why this is all happening. That’s a big thing for me to say, a little ridiculous in my opinion, but I don’t know too much about it so don’t count me as knowledgeable on the subject. I just really would like this whole experience to be over with and that things for me would go back to normal. Tired of not being in control of what’s going on.


3 thoughts on ““mercury is in retrograde”

  1. crazywriterof6 says:

    I find things like, “Mercury…” being in “Retrograde…” All too curious. Not understanding any of it affecting anything… I feel out of a loop of sorts on such things. Heh…

    I do hope you find relief!

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