getting back up

As you all know, last week was quite difficult for me and this week was still a bit hard. It has been better, though. I’ve been keeping on with creating new habits and I’ve been working every night. I’m very proud of myself.

Picking yourself back up when it feels like it’s the most difficult thing in the world is really, the most difficult thing in the world, but you know you have to. Once the ball gets rolling, the easier it will be. I’m glad I’ve started building those new habits because it distracts me in the mornings and, since they’re healthy habits, they make me feel good. It’s a great way to start the day.

I’ve been working every night this week and that’s been good and also exhausting. It’s a lot easier to do once I’m out there driving and picking up people, the harder part is just getting myself to do it. It’s been a slower week, a ghost town out here, which I hadn’t expected for a holiday week, but I’ve still managed to reach my earning goals which is really awesome.

I’m trying to get my voice back a little, but it’s been hard to write lately when my mind seems clouded. I’m hoping that by next week, it’ll be back to normal. I really do love this whole process and the release it gives me. I love seeing all your posts and I like hearing your responses when I’ve written something. I hope it doesn’t show too much how my posts have felt kind of bland, at least that’s how I’ve felt with them, but I’ve been trying and I know I won’t feel like this forever. If I stop writing, who knows how long it’d be until I started up again?

My brain is kind of stopping me now. I’m having a hard time remaining on topic and thinking of ways to add to it. I hope you all have had a wonderful week and Thanksgiving. I hope your weekend is beautiful and relaxing! Let’s all send out good vibes into the universe or pray for our fellow friends who are feeling low. They need it.


5 thoughts on “getting back up

  1. Looking for the Light Blog says:

    Hi friend
    I know those feelings well, and they will come back. Any step you take forward writing, doing anything, any Nono is moving forward. This time of year can’t difficult for people didn’t even realize the lack of sunlight effects the brains emotional factors. You are a smart woman, young, making your way in a very new city for you. Your new you is developing and who knows what the future will bring. I don’t know but I keep running towards it.
    You’re stronger than you think you are.

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