It was absolutely fantastic! A newer show on Netflix. It’s dark and creepy at times, my roommate and her dog were both gone and the silent house made me question every little noise I heard. It’s a show that depicts the very beginning stages of criminal profiling. The two main characters, two Special Agents with the FBI meet with serial-killers (or “sequence-killers” as it was called in the beginning) and pick their brains to better create a profile of their behavior.

I love shows that get into the minds of others so far from who I am. It’s fascinating. How can people do those unspeakable acts? What goes through that persons mind when they’re committing those acts? What are they like after the fact? This show does such a great job of showing their conversations and conveying that eery feeling as if you were there talking to these serial killers yourself. Even better, the show delves into the agents discussing the conversations further afterwards, including their thoughts and feelings.

It’s strictly following the FBI agents and only showing their interviews and photos, no reenactments of the killings. It also shows the lives of the agents outside of work, makes them more like us, a personal touch. This show is incredible. I watched all of it within a day, if you don’t count the hours I had to sleep overnight. I couldn’t stop. I don’t want to go too much into detail- I really could! I hope you give it a chance, I bet you’ll enjoy it!


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