a game of thrones

I was one of those people who “had never seen Game of Thrones” until March of this year and once I finally started, to the absolute excitement of my best friend who had been begging me to watch it for years, I couldn’t stop. I could not get enough of it. Then, as soon as I had started, I was all caught up. I needed more.

That’s when I decided to start the long journey of reading all the books in A Song of Ice and Fire. A wild idea. Five novels, 4,228 pages, and two more promised novels. When I said I needed more, I meant it. I went out and bought all 5 novels within two days of finishing up the series.

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Now, I had a full-time job and life things that happened so I haven’t made nearly as much progress as I’d like, but I’m half way into the second novel, A Clash of Kings. I love, love, love the books. They are so vivid and full of detail. I even have a greater appreciation for the series because it follows pretty close to the books (with what I’ve seen so far- I know there will be parts of the books that have been excluded from the series).

I look forward to having read all of them, a grand feat that will be! I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve gotten back into reading more this last year so this will really be a proud moment for me. I’m sure I will write more about the books and my progress along the way! I will, however, need to take breaks from time to time to read other things… There is such a thing as too much of a good thing!


4 thoughts on “a game of thrones

    • Alexandra Hampton says:

      Yes!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Honestly, the reason I hadn’t watched it was because of how obsessed people were and I thought “a show/story can’t be THAT good” and finally I came around and within a few episodes, I understood and then my own obsession just built and built!

      • iwannabealady says:

        The good news is that you caught onto it in time to be a part of the frenzy when the new season comes out. There’s something really special about talking to friends about the latest episode and making conversation with random people over the show. Winter is here!

      • Alexandra Hampton says:

        YES! Lol I got caught up only a few months prior to this last season, so I didn’t have to wait forever- my friend who had been begging me to watch was kind of jealous that I didn’t have to wait so long, but now I’m in the same boat as she and everyone else is! 😫🙈 It was so fun talking to other GOT lovers and they were all so excited I had crossed over 🙏🏻 A few of my friends do viewing parties and that was so cool to experience! Grateful for the new community! ☺️💕

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