Seinfeld. We’re talking Seinfeld.

I’d seen the episodes in random order on television, heard their jokes from my family, laughed when situations in my own life resembled a situation the characters had gone through. Now though, I don’t have cable, but I DO have Hulu! They’ve got all the episodes, baby!

Let me tell you, the feeling I get while watching is unmatched. It brings a warm comforting feeling, like my family is all here with me. Like I’ve gone back in time to easier days. I love it! I’m binge-watching the heck out of it, beginning to end.

It’s timeless! The outfits and the technology may not be, but the experiences they all go through are ones I’m sure we all go through, in one way or another. Being older, I crack up when I see them dealing with some familiar situation I’ve now had the chance to be in. It’s like this show is the manual for adulthood, if only we could stay so lighthearted.

I love Kramer. I laugh so hard at his jokes and physical comedy. Wouldn’t it be great to go through life with such ease and no real troubles? Man, he’s got a pretty sweet deal going on. I feel like he’s the character my head plays, but Elaine is the character my body plays. He represents the freedom, the wild spirit, the dorkiness, the brutal honesty, but he’s the part of my self I’ve got to restrict and keep tabs on. Elaine, she’s a boss. I love her wit, her work ethic, her brains, her strength- that’s the person I present to the world. It’s even funny if you think about how they’re not really the greatest of friends.

Anyway, anyway, anyway… I’ve got a lot of thoughts on this that just kind of spilled out. I hadn’t thought about the show so deeply until now! I could go on and on (like perhaps George represents our anger, and Jerry is just the actual brain who’s trying to keep up with all these emotions and personality traits??). Or maybe I’m just tired and I’m thinking too hard resulting in this weird breakdown of an old sitcom. Point is, I love it.

I must say, I am definitely grateful for Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.


4 thoughts on “SERENITY NOW

  1. Marguerite says:

    That’s why it’s called the greatest sitcom ever! You hit the nail on the head. Every conceivable life occurance is played out in some form. And for laughs! Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld are geniuses. It never gets stale. At least once a day in random scenarios I’ll think of an episode where Elaine or Kramer, George or Jerry were faced with the same situation. You nailed the personalities too! Kramer was always my favorite. He’s a character with a good heart.

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