the Force is strong with this one

At the beginning of this month, I was about to put on Rogue One for the second time one day (same day) with my friend and I had a lot of questions. He had a lot of answers, but there were too many questions and I decided I wanted to start from the beginning and go on the accurate timeline. Movies and television. If you haven’t done this, let me tell you… it takes some time.

We are about half way, I’d say. Episode 1,2,&3 are complete, The Clone Wars movie, as well as all 6 seasons of The Clone Wars TV show. Next, we’ve got to get through 4 seasons of Star War Rebels (and 4 shorts). That’s the next biggest hurdle and then the rest of the movies, I believe.

I could say I started this to be ready for The Last Jedi in December, but that’s not the truth. It’s definitely a bonus! I will be more than ready for it. I really have liked Star Wars while growing up, but the timing in which I saw the movies was, first, jumbled because- you know 4,5,6 being the first three to come out… and second, the rate at which the movies would come out was pretty spread out all across my 26 years so some were from childhood, teens, early twenties and at those times, I was going through completely different changes due to, well, growing. I also didn’t have the movies at home available to watch at any time so my knowledge of Star Wars was solely based on when the movies would be on TV or when they’d come out in the theater. It was very difficult to keep track of the storyline and characters that way.

Now, however, I am extremely happy to have set on this path. It feels as though I’ve begun to accomplish a goal I’ve subconsciously always had. I understand SO MUCH now! There are even parts in the movies, ie. “execute order 66” when all the clones turned on the Jedi, that you wouldn’t know about because that bit of info comes from The Clone Wars TV show. I feel like I’m on the insider’s track and it feels pretty cool. I also feel like a dork, but that’s totally cool with me! I always wanted to be able to see what a lot of others have seen when they watch Star Wars, have that love for it they do, and now I feel I’ve got it!

If you’re wanting to watch the full accurate timeline click here! Now, make sure to read that very closely because the episodes of The Clone Wars jump all around. I will update you all upon completion!


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