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Another new page! Holy smokes! I just have too many ideas and I’d like to give you guys some variety. This new page will be about house and home. I am very excited about it because I love love love home decor and figuring out how to save space! In the future, I’d hope to take you all along with me when I have my own home and can fix it up the way I like.

This passion definitely comes from my dad. When he was a single father, he had the coolest home decor! He still does, it’s just evolved with him. I liked the pieces he had when I was growing up- kind of goth, antique, shabby vibe. It latched onto me and now I definitely see his influence in the pieces I buy and how I decorate. It has become so fun for me just like it was for him.

I like to find inspiration online (who doesn’t?) and then piece it all together in my mind, storing it for when I go out. I try not to just buy anything I see, I love the hunt of it all. I tend to go to flea markets, antique malls/stores, thrift shops, and estate sales more than anything for fun kitschy items as well as furniture. With my kitchen items, I tend to go more with an Anthropologie vibe- I love the styles they offer! I also look pretty frequently at what West Elm has to offer as well as Urban Outfitters (pillows, throws, bedding, etc.).

Wrapping up! I hope you’ll enjoy! I sure will !


One thought on “house & home

  1. jamesrhilton says:

    Did you start this new page. I am one of those single dads who enjoys making their house look amazing…I am in to retro 70s. Was just in a consignment shop this morning–was amazing.

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