goal power

The last 8 years have been rough, which is all the time since the coveted “adulthood” came about for me. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted or what I was going to do. I still don’t know half the time, but I finally have goals that I feel confident and clear headed enough to reach. I live in a place where it doesn’t take a whole lot to “survive” and I am able to save money- which is huge. A lot of my money saving techniques come from when I lived in a much more expensive place to live- I could get by with next to nothing, but here, I can splurge a little (even though my “splurging” might not mean the same thing as your meaning for “splurging”). We can get into my saving techniques some other time, what I’d really like to talk about (and manifest by doing so) are my goals.

I’d like the freedom to do what I want and need to do. Freedom to make my own schedule. Freedom to make the money I need as well as the opportunity to make more than what’s needed to save.

I want to read everyday. Even if it’s just for an hour. I spent most of my life reading like I would die without it and then somehow I lost that passion for it. I’ve been working on getting back into it this past year and I actually have made A LOT of progress that I’m very excited and proud about. I need to get into that space of absolute focus and imagination. It feels so great to enter another world again.

I want to get back into practicing yoga. There’s an underlying theme here that I’d like to get back into myself and harness my thoughts and emotions, really gain control of my life. Meditation and relaxation is much needed these days.

With all of this, I will have more of the control and ability to one day get where I quietly dreamed I’d be. I’d like to perhaps open my own store. I’ve had a few years buying experience and will start out with an Etsy shop (to be up and running within the next couple of months). I have a passion for home decor as well as fashion. I’d like my shop to be a mixture of both passions. Some of it may be a learning experience, putting my own spin on clothes, making candles, making soap, but I am excited to figure it out and see what happens.

I’d like to own my own house one day with all the interior designed just the way I’ve always wanted. It’s a lot more doable out here than it was where I came from. With a routine, and actual set goals, I believe I can do it. It’ll be an exciting adventure and a most beautiful accomplishment once I make it.

Let’s see what happens!


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